Lego DC Comics Superheroes: 2011-2012

DC Superheroes in Lego: 2011-2012

My first exposure to a superhero was Superman. To be quite honest, I could never understand his appeal when I was a kid. Although, given the times that we live in now, my adult self would gravitate towards Superman’s symbolism. Sure, he has strength, speed, flight, x-ray/heat vision and extraordinary sensory abilities but those traits are only one side of Superman. Jonathan and Martha Kent raised Clark with morals and ethics, and it’s that code of honor that makes Superman who he is. He’s the epitome of what I’d deem a hero, but I’m still more of a Batman fan in the end.

Lego must be in sync with me because most of its 2012 DC Superheroes sets centered on Batman. The only non-Batman set that year was Superman v. Power Armor Lex (6862), and it was a Christmas gift from Ham. He must’ve thought I’d swoon over the Wonder Woman minifigure. I sure did. And as it turns out, the set also revived my DC collection.

Lego DC Superheroes Sets:

The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape (6857)
Catwoman Catcycle City Chase (6858)
The Batcave (6860)
Superman v. Power Armor Lex (6862)
Batwing Battle Over Gotham City (6863)
Batmobile & Two-Face Chase (6864)

Lego DC Superheroes Polybag:

Lex Luthor (30164)

Lego DC Superheroes Exclusives:

Green Lantern

Lego Book:

Lego Batman: Visual Dictionary by Daniel Lipkowitz