Lego Marvel Superheroes: 2016

Marvel Superheroes in Lego: 2016

Happy New Year! Aside from annual resolutions, hopes and wishes, it’s always exciting when a new year starts. It’s time for new brick sets and, even more importantly, a new modular to add to my Lego cityscape. Hello, pretty diner!

Prior to the new year, we were lucky enough to find most of the Spring 2018 superhero sets at our local toy stores. We’re still playing catch-up on documenting the Marvel and DC Lego minifigures on Gray Cow but we’re slowly getting closer now that we’re on 2016. Phew!

Lego released 48 Marvel superheroes and villains in 2016, including the wacky Mighty Micros subtheme. I’m not sure whether to love or hate them but I collect them because they’re essentially a great value. For a mere $9.99, you receive two minifigures and two vehicles to face-off with.

The best part about 2016, though, is that there are an additional 47 superheroes and villains under the DC theme. That means that Lego literally issued a total of 95 Marvel and DC minifigures in 2016 alone. Isn’t that ah-may-zing!? I haven’t tallied the numbers for 2017, but let’s toast to me being penniless. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with all of the sets that Lego churns out. Eek!

Lego Marvel Superheroes Sets:

Black Panther Escape (76047)
Iron Skull Sub Attack (76048)
Avenjet Space Mission (76049)
Crossbones’ Hazard Heist (76050)
Superhero Airport Battle (76051)
Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle (76057)
Spider-Man: Ghost Rider Team-Up (76058)
Spider-Man: Doc Ock’s Tentacle Trap (76059)
Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum (76060)
Mighty Micros: Spider-Man v. Green Goblin (76064)
Mighty Micros: Captain America v. Red Skull (76065)
Mighty Micros: Hulk v. Ultron (76066)
Tanker Truck Takedown (76067)

Lego Marvel Superheroes Polybag:

Silver Centurion (5002946)

Lego Marvel Superheroes Exclusive:

Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Lego Juniors Set:

Iron Man v. Loki (10721)