A look at every Lego Wookie minifigure released so far: 2000-2019.

Rawr, Lego Wookiees!

Peter Mayhew, may you rest in eternal peace. 🙏🏻 Thank you for making Chewie so darn lovable. As a tribute, we’re providing a glimpse at all of the Lego Wookiee minifigures since the turn of the century. From the original chocolate brown to the Solo version with the nerdy googles, the Chewbacca minifigure has evolved quite a bit over the years, albeit slowly. After the initial introduction in 2000 and the reddish brown variant in 2003, Lego didn’t update its Chewie minifigure until much, much later. Eleven years down the road to be exact. 🤯 That’s a ton of duplicates but it’s all gravy since Lego made up for the long wait by releasing a superbly detailed Chief Tarfful that same year. Snow Chewbacca and several uber cute Wookiee warriors round out the furry bunch for a total of 14 in all. How could anyone not ♥️ Wookiees?

Lego Star Wars Sets:


Star Wars Minifig Pack III (3342)


Millennium Falcon (4504)


Wookiee Attack (7258)


Droid Gunship (75042)
AT-AP (75043)


Wookiee Gunship (75084)


Wookiee Gunship (75129)
Star Wars Advent Calendar (75146)


Kessel Run Millennium Falcon (75212)
Imperial Conveyex Transport (75217)


Droid Gunship (75233)
Clone Scout Walker (75261)

Lego Games Set:


Star Wars: The Battle of Hoth (3866)

Lego Magnet Set:


Star Wars (851228)