A look at the Lego Star Wars minifigures from 2008.

Star Wars in Lego: 2008

There are so many minifigure variants for the Death Star (10188) that it’s bananas. I’ve always wanted to hang it like a glittering disco ball to fully display the Star Wars vignettes but that would require permanently gluing the Lego elements together for stability. And that, in a nutshell, is just cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. This reminds me of the Spider-Man: Homecoming scene when Ned drops the Death Star after learning that Peter is Spidey. Did you know that the actor dropped seven total Death Stars for that scene? Holy, Moses! 😂 I would cry my eyes out if that happened to me in real life but I’d whole-heartedly apply for the job to construct the seven Death Star sets. Heck, I’d do it for free!

Lego Star Wars Sets:

Imperial Dropship (7667)
Rebel Scout Speeder (7668)
Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter (7669)
Hailfire Droid & Spider Droid (7670)
AT-AP Walker (7671)
Rogue Shadow (7672)
MagnaGuard Starfighter (7673)
V-19 Torrent (7674)
AT-TE Walker (7675)
Republic Attack Gunship (7676)
Droid Gunship (7678)
Republic Fighter Tank (7679)
Separatist Spider Droid (7681)
Death Star (10188)

Lego Star Wars Exclusive:

Han Solo / Indiana Jones Transformation

Lego Promotion:

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