A look at the Lego Star Wars minifigures from 2016.

Star Wars in Lego: 2016

I’m spending the week away from blog writing to familiarize myself with the local measures that are on the ballot this November. At times, Ham notes that it feels like it doesn’t matter how we vote because things rarely change or turn out the way we hope. It was a tough September and October for us. 😶 My answer, though, has always been that our votes matter most when it affects our state and especially our beloved city. For instance, voting gives us a voice in how our city tackles homelessness and affordable housing. Voting may not result in perfect solutions and the outcomes may be meh but the opportunity to vote is something to always be grateful for.

Sorry for the PSA. It’s been super slow in other Lego news but don’t forget you’ll accrue double VIP points if you shop now. It’s a good time to cross some items off your Lego wish list and maybe qualify for the free minifigure frame. 🤗

Lego Star Wars Sets:

Assault on Hoth (75098)
Resistance X-Wing Fighter (75125)
First Order Snowspeeder (75126)
Wookiee Gunship (75129)
Resistance Trooper Battle Pack (75131)
First Order Battle Pack (75132)
Rebel Alliance Battle Pack (75133)
Galactic Empire Battle Pack (75134)
Obi-Wan’s Jedi Interceptor (75135)
Droid Escape Pod (75136)
Carbon-Freezing Chamber (75137)
Hoth Attack (75138)
Battle on Takodana (75139)
Resistance Troop Transporter (75140)
Kanan’s Speeder Bike (75141)
Homing Spider Droid (75142)
Eclipse Fighter (75145)
Star Wars Advent Calendar (75146)
StarScavenger (75147)
Encounter on Jakku (75148)
Resistance X-Wing Fighter (75149)
Vader’s TIE Advanced v. A-Wing Starfighter (75150)
Clone Turbo Tank (75151)
Imperial Assault Hovertank (75152)
AT-ST Walker (75153)
TIE Striker (75154)
Rebel U-Wing Fighter (75155)
Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle (75156)
Captain Rex’s AT-TE (75157)
Rebel Combat Frigate (75158)
Death Star (75159)

Lego Star Wars Polybags:

First Order Stormtrooper (30602)
Finn – FN-2187 (30605)
First Order General (5004406)
Rebel A-Wing Pilot (5004408)

Lego Promotions:

Escape the Space Slug (6176682)
Star Wars Magazine – April 2016
Star Wars Magazine – June 2016

Lego Books:

Lego Star Wars: Chronicles of the Force by DK
Lego Star Wars: Use the Force! by Ameet Studio
Lego Star Wars: Build Your Own Adventure by Daniel Lipkowitz
Lego Star Wars: Spot the Galactic Heroes by Egmont Publishing UK