A look at the Lego Star Wars minifigures from 2018.

Star Wars in Lego: 2018

Happy holidays, we’re back! 🤗 Our return to Gray Cow has been a tad delayed as we’ve been waiting for a few last minute items to arrive in the mail like the black VIP card freebie. Despite jet lag, we quickly rushed to the Lego store upon our return to add the new Spider-Man sets to our collection. With complete glee, we also brought home the free carousel and the mini version of Diagon Alley that we presumed we missed out on while in Japan. Woot! 🥳 We’re not twiddling our thumbs though! Okay, perhaps a little as we haven’t started searching for Christmas gifts but we did decorate our 🎄. 🤪 We apologize if you’re on our gift list as you’re likely receiving undies this year because we ran out of time and, well, we love you THAT much! Anyhoo, these incidentals stalled our 2018 minifigure class photos but we’ve pressed on nonetheless. So, ahem and tada, here is the Lego Star Wars minifigure collection for 2018. Phew, I’m already looking forward to 2019 as the sneak peeks for Spring reveal some pretty awesome must-haves.

PS: Lego, thank you for answering my prayers for a Venom set. I’ll love it and you, forever! 😘

Lego Star Wars Sets:

Y-Wing Starfighter (75181)
First Order TIE Fighter (75194)
Ski Speeder v. First Order Walker (75195)
A-Wing v. TIE Silencer (75196)
First Order Specialists Battle Pack (75197)
Tatooine Battle Pack (75198)
General Grievous’ Combat Speeder (75199)
Ahch-To Island Training (75200)
First Order AT-ST (75201)
Defense of Crait (75202)
Hoth Medical Chamber (75203)
Sandspeeder (75204)
Mos Eisley Cantina (75205)
Jedi and Clone Troopers Battle Pack (75206)
Imperial Patrol Battle Pack (75207)
Yoda’s Hut (75208)
Han Solo’s Landspeeder (75209)
Moloch’s Landspeeder (75210)
Imperial TIE Fighter (75211)
Kessel Run Millennium Falcon (75212)
Star Wars Advent Calendar (75213)
Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter (75214)
Cloud-Rider Swoop Bikes (75215)
Snoke’s Throne Room (75216)
Imperial Conveyex Transport (75217)
X-Wing Starfighter (75218)
Imperial AT-Hauler (75219)
Sandcrawler (75220)
Imperial Landing Craft (75221)
Betrayal at Cloud City (75222)
Porg (75230)
Darth Vader’s Castle (75251)

Lego Star Wars Polybags:

DJ (40298)
Kessel Mine Worker (40299)
Han Solo (40300)
Black VIP Card Display (5005747)

Lego Promotions:

Star Wars Magazine – May 2018
Star Wars Magazine – August 2018
Star Wars Magazine – October 2018

Lego Book:

Lego Star Wars: Amazing Starships by Ameet Studio