The Hobbit in Lego: Part One

The Hobbit in Lego: Part One

After the whirlwind of last week’s epic post, I’m happy to slow things down a bit and revisit the Shire by way of the Lego Hobbit sets released between 2012 to 2014. The dwarves, elves and giant Smaug are everything. 🤩

On news unrelated to the Hobbit, I’ve finally tracked down the last Star Wars minifigure that I’ve been hunting for. It’s on its way to me and I’m hoping, fingers crossed, that it’s in good shape. Meanwhile, I’ve been sorting my Star Wars collection to have them ready for photos and it’s been a complete mess here. I rarely handle my minifigures beyond initial sorting so it’s strangely calming and therapeutic amid the chaos. But most days, this is me —> 🤯. Anyhoo, we’ll tackle the Hobbit theme in three parts to allow me more time. Ugh, I need it. 🤗

Lego Hobbit Sets:

Riddles for the Ring (79000)
Escape from Mirkwood Spiders (79001)
Attack of the Wargs (79002)
An Unexpected Gathering (79003)
Barrel Escape (79004)
The Goblin King Battle (79010)

Lego Hobbit Polybag:

Mirkwood Elf Guard (30212)

Lego Games Set:

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (3920)