The Hobbit in Lego: Part Three

The Hobbit in Lego: Part Three

It’s time to bid adieu to the Hobbit theme and say bonjour to Lego Star Wars! I have quite a few minifigures that I’m still waiting for our nice mail-person to deliver but I can’t delay any longer. As much as Gray Cow is for my fellow Lego enthusiasts, it’s as much a place for me to lovingly archive my collection. As I wait for the stragglers, please excuse the blank spaces in the photo galleries as I leave small earmarks. On a side note, I’ve also wondered lately whether or not I should consider Sarlacc a minifigure. It’s a creature in the Star Wars universe and there’s four buildable Lego variants, so hmm. 🤔

Lego Hobbit Sets:

Witch-King Battle (79015)
Attack on Lake-town (79016)
The Battle of the Five Armies (79017)
The Lonely Mountain (79018)

Lego Hobbit Polybag:

Good Morning Bilbo Baggins (5002130)

Lego Promotion:

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies