The Simpsons in Lego

The Simpsons in Lego

In truth, I haven’t seen many episodes of the Simpsons lately but, while researching a few tidbits for this post, I came across a short clip of Homer trying sushi for the first time and couldn’t help but giggle. He’s the epitome of a lovable cartoon dad that’s a comedic mix of chucklehead and charm. The Simpsons have remained relatable since the show’s inception and watching the family after all this time feels like catching up with old friends. It’s just easy.

The show is an undeniable slice of Americana. So when the brick company announced sets related to the longest-running animated series on television, they were a must-have. Sadly, the Simpsons theme wasn’t as prolific as one would hope with the release of two sets and two series of collectible minifigures. On the bright side though, Lego released just enough Springfield residents to satisfy many fans of the show and Lego enthusiasts alike. I‘m still hoping that Lego releases Moe’s Tavern some day, however unlikely that may be. It would be a perfect fini to the quirky Simpsons theme.

Lego Collectible Minifigures:

The Simpsons – Series 1 (71005)
The Simpsons – Series 2 (71009)

Lego Simpsons Sets:

The Simpsons House (71006)
Kwik-E-Mart (71016)