A look at the Lego DC Superheroes from 2018.

DC Superheroes in Lego: 2018

We’ve finally caught up! It’s a good feeling but what do we do with ourselves now? 😊 I’m not really a planner and if I appear so, it’s born out of true blue reluctance. I thrive when deadlines loom or when there’s an immense amount of pressure. Procrastination and the stress that invariably follows probably trims days off my life span but I just can’t seem to write sometimes. In the interim, I’ve started research for our next trip abroad and caught up on some reading. Perhaps that’s the genesis of my writer’s block but here is the 2018 Lego minifigure collection for DC. It’s a good one! 🤗

Lego DC Superheroes Sets:

Mighty Micros: Batman v. Harley Quinn (76092)
Mighty Micros: Nightwing v. The Joker (76093)
Mighty Micros: Supergirl v. Brainiac (76094)
Black Manta Strike (76095)
Superman & Krypto Team-Up (76096)
Lex Luthor Mech Takedown (76097)
Speed Force Freeze Pursuit (76098)
Batman: The Attack of the Talons (76110)
Batman: Brother Eye Takedown (76111)
App-Controlled Batmobile (76112)
Knightmare Batman Accessory Set (853744)

Lego DC Superheroes Polybags:

Lex Luthor (30614)
Green Lantern – Jessica Cruz (30617)

Lego DC Superheroes Exclusives:

Aquaman and Storm (75996)
Black Lightning

Lego Juniors Set:

The Joker Batcave Attack (10753)

Lego Book:

Lego DC Superheroes: Visual Dictionary by Elizabeth Dowsett and Arie Kaplan