Have you ever wanted to become a Jedi? How about a Lego Jedi? If so, here’s a little peek into their Lego training spots.

Training to Be a Jedi in Lego

We’ve collected quite a few huts through the years so here’s a post dedicated to the iconic places where the Jedi-to-be train in the world of Lego. The very first iteration of Yoda’s Hut was released in 2004 and completely revamped in 2018. Lego also released Luke’s Ahch-To “hut” from the Last Jedi that same year. In addition to the standard Lego sets, an exclusive Dagobah was available at SDCC in 2015 with stacked bricks to represent Master Yoda and Luke. I included this and a Star Wars media freebie of a shrunken Yoda’s Hut in this collection to be ultra thorough. 🤓 Our photos could never capture the playability of these sets or the abstract thrill of immersing one’s imagination into becoming a Lego Jedi but the sky’s the limit. Just avoid the pull towards the dark side. 😈 I’d love to be a Jedi but I’m a complete klutz. I’d probably slice off my hand with my own light saber. 💩 How’s that for irony? 🤣

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Lego Sets:


X-Wing Fighter (4502)


Dagobah (SDCC)


Yoda’s Hut (Star Wars Magazine – August 2016)


Ahch-To Island (75200)
Yoda’s Hut (75208)