A look at the Lego Indiana Jones minifigures from 2008-2009.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in Lego

The Temple of Doom is by far my favorite Indiana Jones movie. Ham warned that it’s on the dark side but I laugh during horror movies so this was child’s play for me. I couldn’t get over Mola Ram creepily petting the gnarly idol on his headdress. It’s such an inexplicably odd scene that it had me in stitches. And oh my word, the Mola Ram minifigure is one of my all-time favorites. Creepy headdress? Check! The whole movie was a riot especially when they sacrificially lowered Willie into the fiery pit and when Mola Ram ripped out a dude’s heart with his bare hands. What in the heck? 😂 I literally expected him to take a bite out of it too. The rail car chase was the best part of the movie though and Lego’s rendition of the scene is awesome. Sadly, there’s only one other set for this film. Why, Lego? 😢

Lego 7199: The Temple of Doom
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Lego Indiana Jones – Temple of Doom Sets:

The Temple of Doom (7199)
Shanghai Chase (7682)