A look at the Lego Star Wars minifigures from 2006.

Star Wars in Lego: 2006

As we keep on trucking through the Lego Star Wars entries, there’s a small note that I’d like to highlight about the magnet sets. Although most of the minifigures are identical to those found in standard sets, these feature magnets in their legs. I treat them as variants but the decision is purely yours on whether or not to include them in your collection. I’ll also count the iterations with the detachable brick magnets as variants whenever they fit the criteria such as different heads, changes in body printing or, the rare occasions, when Lego mashes up parts and creates a brand new minifigure.

Lego Star Wars Sets:

TIE Interceptor (6206)
A-Wing Fighter (6207)
B-Wing Fighter (6208)
Slave I (6209)
Jabba’s Sail Barge (6210)
Imperial Star Destroyer (6211)
X-Wing Fighter (6212)
Clone Turbo Tank (7261)

Lego Magnet Sets:

Star Wars (851228)
Star Wars (851229)