Lego DC Comics Superheroes: 2014

DC Superheroes in Lego: 2014

Holy, Lego Batman! This was definitely the year of the caped crusader as every DC set spotlighted Gotham’s heroes and villains with the exception of two polybag offers featuring Martian Manhunter and Plastic Man. I’ll never bore of new Batman variants but I’m starting to feel a need to create a gallery to marvel and stare at. After a quick tally, 58 Batman variants exist across multiple themes and Lego continues to churn out new versions every year.

Six variants were released in 2014 alone and that’s not the best part. The brick company also released a Tumbler inspired by The Dark Knight. Admittedly, our Tumbler is still in the box in the back of our closet. We never found the time to build it and, now that it’s retired, we’re not sure if it’d be prudent to open it. Perhaps Ham and I should apply the sneakerhead tenet to future Lego purchases. Buy two, one to rock and one to stock. 🤗

Lego DC Superheroes Sets:

Batman: The Penguin Face-Off (76010)
Batman: Man-Bat Attack (76011)
Batman: The Riddler Chase (76012)
Batman: The Joker Steam Roller (76013)
The Tumbler (76023)

Lego DC Superheroes Polybags:

Martian Manhunter (5002126)
Plastic Man (5004081)

Lego DC Superheroes Exclusive:

Batman of Zur-En-Arrh

Lego Juniors Set:

Batman: Defend the Batcave (10672)

Lego Promotion:

The Lego Movie Press Kit

Target Exclusive:

Lego Minifigure Gift Set (5004076)