A look at the Lego Star Wars minifigures from 2014.

Star Wars in Lego: 2014

I’ve been working on a side project for the past few weeks so blog writing has played second fiddle and fallen to the wayside. I’m nowhere near ready to announce what Ham and I are hoping to accomplish but I can share that it’s related to Lego. It feels like a mere pipe dream but the groundwork that we’re working on now is the structural framework and that compels us to be meticulous. As all studs in a new build generally need to be spaced 16” apart, this first step in our project must be as accurate as that of framing a house. We have to do it right and we have to do it well. 🤗 So please forgive me for the breezy blog posts to follow but we’ll keep on churning out the Star Wars posts on a biweekly basis until we reach the present year. 😎

Lego Star Wars Sets:

Clone Turbo Tank (75028)
Millennium Falcon (75030)
TIE Interceptor (75031)
X-Wing Fighter (75032)
Star Destroyer (75033)
Death Star Troopers (75034)
Kashyyyk Troopers (75035)
Utapau Troopers (75036)
Battle on Saleucami (75037)
Jedi Interceptor (75038)
V-Wing Starfighter (75039)
General Grievous’ Wheel Bike (75040)
Vulture Droid (75041)
Droid Gunship (75042)
AT-AP (75043)
Droid Tri-Fighter (75044)
Republic AV-7 Anti-Vehicle Cannon (75045)
Coruscant Police Gunship (75046)
The Phantom (75048)
Snowspeeder (75049)
B-Wing (75050)
Jedi Scout Fighter (75051)
Mos Eisley Cantina (75052)
The Ghost (75053)
AT-AT (75054)
Imperial Star Destroyer (75055)
Star Wars Advent Calendar (75056)
MTT (75058)
Sandcrawler (75059)

Lego Star Wars Polybags:

TC-4 (5002122)
Darth Revan (5002123)

Lego Books:

Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary by Simon Beecroft
Lego Star Wars: Spot the Spy Droid by Scholastic Australia
Lego Star Wars: The Dark Side by Daniel Lipkowitz