The Lego Batman Movie: Part Three

The Lego Batman Movie: Part Three

I t nearly slipped my mind to dedicate a post to the remaining Lego Batman Movie sets. I have no idea how this happened since it’s one of my favorite themes with its whimsical yet wacky minifigures. Although I adore the Lego Batman Movie series, I’m hoping that these sets wrap-up the theme as Lego is set to release so many must-haves this year that I’m destined to be cash-strapped. I have zero regrets, though. The new LBM minifigures are just plain awesome and are absolutely worth every cent. The disco and vacation minifigures are the proof in the pudding. 🤗

The Lego Batman Movie Sets:

The Bat-Dune Buggy (70918)
The Justice League Anniversary Party (70919)
Egghead Mech Food Fight (70920)
Harley Quinn Cannonball Attack (70921)
The Joker Manor (70922)
The Bat-Space Shuttle (70923)

Lego Collectible Minifigures:

The Lego Batman Movie – Series 2 (71020)

Toys “R” Us Exclusive:

The Lego Batman Movie Minifigure Collection (5004939)